Serial 제 2회 필름사진 공모전 수상자 인터뷰
News Breathe!
News 필름사진 공모전 수상자 발표
Behind 세 개의 프로젝트
Serial GRANHAND. Collecte Vol.2
Serial Brand Story #3 The Brand that Rejects
News New Arrival: Peace Keeper Signature Tea
News New Arrival: Hand Wash
News 21 October 2021: Open New GRANHAND Store at Namsan
Serial Brand Story #2 Only 28,000 followers
Serial Brand Story #1 Prologue.
Work Official Release: GRANHAND. Signature
Work Signature Perfume: Limited Edition
Work Collaboration: UDS
Serial GRANHAND. Collecte Vol.1
Behind Marker maker.
Work New Arrival: Marker.
Behind for MAPO.
Work 15 February 2020: Open New GRANHAND Store at Mapo
Serial 필름사진 공모전 수상자 인터뷰
Work New Arrival: Hand Cream.
Serial 1st Film Photography Contest!
Behind GRANHAND. in 35mm
Work GRANHAND. Disposable Camera
Behind ROLAND. 롤랑에 대하여
Behind 피 땀 눈물의 쇼핑백
Behind ‘Breathe.’ 브레스지 2호 제작기
Work New Fragrance: ROLAND.
Work Campaign Book: ‘Breathe’ volume II
Work Campaign Book: ‘Breathe’ volume I
Work 26 May 2018 : Open New GRANHAND Store at Seochon
Work New Fragrance : Rinko
Work New Fragrance : Aube.
Work Art Collaboration: Kim Sung Hee
Work New Fragrance : VIOLETTE.
Work 1 May 2017 : Natural Oil Garden Open
Work New Arrival : Natural Oil
Work New Fragrance : LILY OWEN.
Work New Fragrance : LUMBERJACK.
Work Collaboration: Stark Jee Hoon

Sometimes you win, 

Sometimes you learn.

Though you can not seize nor hold the smell, it has a decisive effect on the matter of our memory and emotion and believes on its vitally of influences on our decision among our lives. GRANHAND gives faith towards the value of the fragrance and consistently pursues to make the scent part of our regular living. Although it may be slow nor has perfection, the variety of contents that our brand is offering will build the unique value of the experience that no other brand will possess. GRANHAND will not be a product where it vanishes with ease nor be neglected. It will continuously illuminate with a distinct presence and yield to warm people’s mind.

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