[Team]Brand Story #6 Inside GRANHAND.

26 Aug 2022
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When we talk about what was the most unexpected when meeting GRANHAND for the first time as an organization, everyone shares similar stories. But the one thing that everyone agreed on the most was the ‘working environment.’ What kind of atmosphere would GRANHAND hold? At GRANHAND, people work in silence without welcoming parties for newcomers or chatting beyond partitions. The office prohibits at least three hours of conversation every day, use of office pantry, mobile phone, meetings, reporting, and everything that might disturb colleagues, and everyone focuses on work. (We even minimize the use of the toilet.) We hand out a stopwatch and make each individual measure and find out the time they need, minimize any wasted time, and at the same time encourage maximizing efficiency. 


The warning labeled at the office

We clearly notify that the most important attitude and competency for interns and new employees are supporting seniors with their chores so that they can work in their best environment. It is not about what they do and how well they do it, but it’s rather about ‘what attitude’ they have towards their work, as it is more important in an organization with many people working together. No matter how good they are at their work, we think that anyone who doesn’t know how to apologize or take the initiative and set an example will have negative effects on the group. If anyone thinks, ‘I’m not here to do such petty works.” then he/she is not the best fit for GRANHAND. We cannot let anyone take over the important part of our business if he/she doesn’t know how to perfectly manage even the pettiest work. 

‘Office Layout of the Eudaimonia Machine.’ The perfect office layout that GRANHAND prefers? ⓒFentress Inc

Does it sound too harsh and strict to you? But in this atmosphere, team GRANHAND feels more stable and comfortable. Team GRANHAND is where people have a scale of work and life balance that is tilted towards work. Life becomes torture when we try to maintain balance. Team GRANHAND grasped the positive cycle of knowing how to jump into one side at ease and slowly obtaining the life they wanted as compensation. Of course, the cycle is never short, and it is difficult and tough because we need to put in a lot more time, heavier intensity, and deeper thought compared to others. It rather feels so natural that we have the working environment that we have now.

Sometimes you win, 

Sometimes you learn.

Though you can not seize nor hold the smell, it has a decisive effect on the matter of our memory and emotion and believes on its vitally of influences on our decision among our lives. GRANHAND gives faith towards the value of the fragrance and consistently pursues to make the scent part of our regular living. Although it may be slow nor has perfection, the variety of contents that our brand is offering will build the unique value of the experience that no other brand will possess. GRANHAND will not be a product where it vanishes with ease nor be neglected. It will continuously illuminate with a distinct presence and yield to warm people’s mind.

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